General Commentary

• Anyone interested in grain elevators would enjoy a membership in The Country Grain Elevator Historical Society.

• The building of the many large concrete grain elevators in Enid, Oklahoma, got underway in the late 1920's and continued for several decades. A vast amount of sand was needed for making the concrete and came from a few miles south of Ames, Oklahoma. A railroad ran through the property where the sand was, and was loaded on rail cars from both sides of the railroad. The result was two lakes were created, now known as Crystal Lakes. A number of lakefront cabins and houses have since been built around the lakes.

• The first grain elevator built in Enid, Oklahoma, was in 1897. Oil was discovered east of Enid in 1916. In between these two important historical dates is a third: 1911. Clyde Cessna built the first Cessna airplane in the garage at his residence in Enid. Cessna airplanes continued to be built in Enid, Oklahoma,from 1911-1915. In 1915 additional required financing was found in Wichita, Kansas, and Cessna moved to Wichita.